Best Fast Food Digital Menu Boards

If you run a restaurant, using digital screens for your menu is an excellent way to attract more customers. Besides being eye-catching, they can also display cool videos and animations that are more interesting than a regular paper menu. In fact, a Nielsen Norman Group study shows that people are more likely to pay attention to anything moving on screen than something static. Read more

A digital menu board is a fancy TV screen that displays a restaurant’s yummy food and drinks. It’s usually put up in a restaurant so that customers can see it right away when they walk in. It gives them a sneak peek of all the tasty things they can order and help them make an informed decision before they get to the cash register. Plus, it can help cut down ordering time and upsell combos.

Best Fast Food Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards can be updated with a few clicks, which makes them easier to use than traditional menus that require printing and updating. Plus, they are more cost-effective. They can be run by a single person, unlike printed menus that must be changed by multiple employees.

Yodeck is the world’s most popular digital menu board software used by big brands like PepsiCo, Domino’s Pizza and many more. It is easy to create, update and manage a digital signage solution with Yodeck.


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