Hiring a Professional Bathtub Refinishing Near Me

If you have an old and tired bathtub that you’re looking to upgrade, hiring a professional is an affordable option. A bathtub refinishing near me technician can make your tub look new again in just one to three days. The process begins by removing the old finish and sanding the surface to prepare it for refinishing. Then, any cracks, holes and chips are repaired. A primer and multiple coats of coating are then applied. Finally, a sealant is added to protect the new surface.

Bathtub refinishing is especially effective on older bathtubs, but can also work with newer models that have cosmetic issues like rust stains or discoloration. It’s typically cheaper than replacing the bathtub, and doesn’t require tearing out existing fixtures or making changes to plumbing or surrounding tiles.

Expert Bathroom Refinishing Near Me: Finding Skilled Services Locally

The cost of refinishing a bathtub can vary depending on the material and condition of the tub. For example, a clawfoot tub is typically more expensive to refinish than an enamel or cast-iron model due to its complexity and special care requirements. Tub size can also impact price, as larger tubs can be more difficult to refinish than smaller ones.

It’s important to select an FG Tub and Tile bathtub refinishing near-me contractor that has been in business for a long time and has a strong reputation. Check out customer reviews online, and ask for references from past clients. You may also want to check the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau.


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