How to Use a Puppy Kennel

A puppy kennel is a safe and secure place for your dog to be while you’re away. It can also help during potty training and other times when you need to confine your pup for short periods of time. It’s essential that your dog feels comfortable and happy in their crate so that they look forward to spending time in it.Check this out

Begin by introducing your puppy to her crate and giving her a treat each time she goes inside. Gradually increase the amount of time she spends in the crate until it becomes her safe space for napping during the day and sleeping at night. During this time, you can also practice leaving her alone for longer periods. However, it’s important to note that puppies should never be crated for more than the number of hours equal to their age in months plus one and should always have a short play break, a potty break and a crate training session before being crated again.

Heating and Cooling Solutions for Comfortable Puppy Kennels

When you’re ready to start crating your puppy at night, put her in the crate while she is still sleeping so that she doesn’t get scared and will begin associating the crate with sleep. If she starts to whine in the crate, this is her way of telling you that she needs to go outside or to the bathroom and should be taken out to do so before being returned to the crate.


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