Sour Diesel – The Smelly Skunky Diesel Strain

sour diesel strain

When it  to cannabis sour diesel strain with unique scents, few come as pungent as sour diesel. This skunky-diesel strain is beloved for its day-enhancing effects and heady, uplifting high. Originally created in the 1990s by crossing Chemdawg with Super Skunk, this is one of the most iconic sativa strains of all time.

Typically, the aroma of sour diesel is a blend of skunky and diesel with notes of citrus and dankness. It’s a scent that’s distinctive and instantly recognisable, making it popular among smokers who enjoy experimenting with new scents. This sativa-dominant strain has energising effects that help to enhance creativity, focus and motivation. It also increases the desire to socialise and can boost appetite. When used in a therapeutic context, sour diesel can reduce stress and anxiety and may even alleviate nausea.

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If you’re looking to buy sour diesel seeds, Seed Supreme Seed Bank has both classic and feminized variants of this sativa-dominant variety. The company also offers free US shipping on orders of $90+ and accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment.

The sour diesel plant has a fairly long vegetative stage before it starts to flower, so intermediate growers should take this into account when planning their schedules. It also has the potential to become tall and lanky, so you should consider techniques like Screen of Green (ScROG) and topping during the vegetative phase. This will help you to keep the height under control and maximize yields.


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